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Cassava Volcanic Root Chips (40g x 3 Packets)

RM 7.50 RM 8.40

Volcanic Root Chips - Sea Salt

Exotic Blend

Purple Sweet Potatoes

Orange Sweet Potatoes

Taro & Cassava

Nature Healthier Exotic Chips from Volcanic Slopes

Volcanic soil is formed with the addition of volcanic ash from volcanic eruptions, well-weathered from years ago. Vegetable roots grown on such mineral rich fertile soil are of unparallel quality.

Using premium vegetable roots grown on volcanic highlands of Java, every tuber of fresh root is carefully selected peeled, thinly sliced, cooked and then delicately seasoned for a great flavour.

Inside this pack, you can enjoy an exotic blend of chips.

Deep purple chips mode from naturally grown Purple Sweet Potatoes.

Orange Sweet Potato chips that boasts a natural sweetness

Taro chips that has a tinge of buttery taste

Cassava chips that offer a bold delightful crunch

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